Design and Art



Wanderlust is what I call a builder song. I have different melodies that repeat their same progression throughout, but build on top of one another. I wanted to convey the feeling of traveling to a point of happiness from within.


Reanimated is the journey of an AI robot gaining a conscious, represented by the piano in this song, thinking it's human. The robot’s programming is taught to fight itself if it comes to gaining these thoughts, hence the chaotic percussions. Throughout the song, the piano and robotic sounds are at battle for what will control the robot.


That Feeling When You Go to Bed Knowing Everything is Alright I wrote to capture what the true feeling of dreamy, contentedness feels like to me.


Breathe is a song reminding us to be mindful of our breath. Whether it’s our own mind taking us down dark paths, or external chaos bombarding us, just breathe. It’s a rewarding reminder.


You can view some more tracks here on my soundcloud.


An album from 2014

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Earth is in a nuclear fall out where the atmosphere is toxic and life is nearly unsustainable. Aliens detect radioactive emissions and decide to help. The extra-terrestrials build an advanced AI robot that assists with the Earth's dying atmosphere and is now the source of sustainability. As time goes by, everything is improving and the human race is starting to rebuild itself again. The robot is witnessing the regeneration of life and emotions resurfacing in humans. With that, the robot realizes it cannot experience these feelings, mainly love, which leads to self-destruction. As a result, Earth heads back into the darkness where life is unstable.