Design and Art



Here's an album I created in 2014. I wrote a story and composed music to go along with the feel of the storyline. 



The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Earth is in a nuclear fall out where the atmosphere is toxic and life is nearly unsustainable. Aliens detect radioactive emissions and decide to help. The extra-terrestrials build an advanced AI robot that assists with the Earth's dying atmosphere and is now the source of sustainability. As time goes by, everything is improving and the human race is starting to rebuild itself again. The robot is witnessing the regeneration of life and emotions resurfacing in humans. With that, the robot realizes it cannot experience these feelings, mainly love, which leads to self-destruction. As a result, Earth heads back into the darkness where life is unstable.


My original sketch, inspired by MC Escher. The robot staring at itself through the reflection of the planet it was built to save.